Do Less, Be More
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Do Less, Be More

Busacker John ePUB eBook


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BOOK HOOK The promise of becoming more by doing less sounds incredible—almost too good to be true—but people intuitively know it is possible when they get “engaged.” CONTENT Everyone wants to love what they do and who they are. They want to feel connected, joyful, and fully alive. But most have given up and said it just isn’t possible.Do Less, Be More is a powerful promise and tool to show the power of focus; to show what can happen in our lives when we fully engage in what really matters to us—and eliminate the inconsequential activities that dominate so much of our time and energy. Do Less, Be More is a call to rediscover our purpose and passion in a way that sets us free to achieve our dreams! CONSUMER APPEAL Your customers will pick up Do Less, Be More because: They feel like they are way too busy doing things that don’t matter and are ignoring the things that matter most in their lives; They intuitively know that to have the life they want requires an “engagement” that they are lacking; They connect with the call to become “more”—to be the person God has called them to be. AUTHORJohn Busacker is President of The Inventure Group, a global leadership-consulting firm, and Founder of Life-Worth, LLC, a life planning creative resource. He is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network and is on the faculty of the University of Minnesota Carlson School’s Executive Develop Center. His travels have taken him to six continents as a sought-after speaker on self-leadership and personal engagement with a who’s who of global organizations. BOOK SPECS SHIP DATE: July 29, 2013 IN-STORE DATE: August 27, 2013 ISBN: 9781605875262 FORMAT: Trade Paper TRIM SIZE: 5x7 PAGE COUNT: 176 RETAIL PRICE: $9.99 CARTON QTY: 36 CATEGORY: RELIGION/Christian Life/Christian Living

Language    English
Publication Date    08/2013
Pages    176
EAN    9781605875668
UPC    9781605875262

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