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The Exodus from Egypt: Moses and God's Mercy
Losing the Promised Land: Elisha and the Kings of Judah
God's Presence During Hardship: Daniel and Esther in Exile
Jacob and Egypt: The Sovereignty of God
The Restoration of a Sinner: David's Heart Revealed
End of an Era: The Rise and Fall of Solomon
Prophets, Priests, and Kings: The Lives of Samuel and Saul
Rebuilding God's City: Israel Returns from Exile
A House Divided: Elijah and the Kings of Israel
Before Abraham: Creation, Sin, and the Nature of God
Finally in the Land: God Meets His People's Needs
The Father of Israel: Trusting God's Promises

The Father of Israel: Trusting God's Promises

MacArthur, John
Lucado, Max
Paperback (Jul 2008)$9.99