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Occult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church
The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia, Being Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations Against the Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, Hobgoblins, Ghosts, and Kin
Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places
A Primer of Psychology According to a Course in Miracles
Another Gospel: Cults, Alternative Religions, and the New Age Movement
How about Demons?

How about Demons?

Goodman, Felicitas D.
Paperback (May 1988)$25.00
Tears of Deceit

Tears of Deceit

Schilken, Regis
Paperback (Aug 2011)$19.35 $21.99