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That's the Way It Wuz Back Then: A Recollection of Events, Stories, and More
New release!
Willfully Ignorant
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Blood and Roses

Blood and Roses

Waters, Jacqueline E.
Hardback (Jan 2014)$31.64 $35.95
New release!
The Last Mission: A Love and War Story All about Pete and Jane, a Pilot and Nurse of World War Two with the Famed Flying Tigers 1941-194
New release!
Gone West: Part One
New release!
The Captain Takes a Wife: The Captain Chronicles, 1875
St. George's Cross and the Siege of Fort Pitt: Battle of Three Empires
An Eagle and Its Talons

An Eagle and Its Talons

Spurr, James
Paperback (Nov 2013)$19.32 $21.95
A Thread of Truth

A Thread of Truth

Greye, Kelsey
Paperback (Oct 2013)$18.47 $20.99
By Faith Isaac


Andrews, Bryan
Paperback (Oct 2013)$27.95
From Prague to the Promised Land: A Jewish Family's Odyssey from Czechoslovakia to Israel
My Magda

My Magda

Richard, Mary
Hardback (Sep 2013)$35.19 $39.99
A Flawless Foundation
In Search of Adventure: A Tale of Courage and Devotion
The Ruby Ring

The Ruby Ring

Rees, Karen
Paperback (Jun 2013)$26.36 $29.95
Slaughter of the Saints
The Emancipation Procrastination
Anna's Courage: Kebec Series, Book 3
Simon of Cyrene: The Cross-Bearer's Legacy: A Story of the Faith and the Trials of Early Christians