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A Wall in Jerusalem: Hope, Healing, and the Struggle for Justice in Israel and Palestine
Kant in 90 Minutes

Kant in 90 Minutes

Strathern, Paul (Author)
ePUB (Oct 2013)$8.99
Aristotle in 90 Minutes

Aristotle in 90 Minutes

Strathern, Paul (Author)
ePUB (Sep 2013)$8.99
Socrates in 90 Minutes

Socrates in 90 Minutes

Strathern, Paul (Author)
ePUB (Aug 2013)$8.99
How Do You Kill 11 Million People? (International Edition): Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think
Worldviews in Conflict: Choosing Christianity in the World of Ideas
The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells About God
Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home
Moral Courage

Moral Courage

Kidder, Rushworth M. (Author)
ePUB (Mar 2009)$8.99
Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer's Brain (Revised)
The Janitor: How an Unexpected Friendship Transformed a CEO and His Company
Driving the Career Highway: 20 Road Signs You Can't Afford to Miss
The War Against Hope: How Teachers' Unions Hurt Children, Hinder Teachers, and Endanger Public Education
Jack's Notebook: A Business Novel about Creative Problem Solving
Showdown with Nuclear Iran: Radical Islam's Messianic Mission to Destroy Israel and Cripple the United States
The Ultimate Storm Survival Handbook
Napoleon on Project Management: Timeless Lessons in Planning, Execution, and Leadership
The Spychips Threat: Why Christians Should Resist Rfid and Electronic Surveillance
Winning With People: Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time
Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World