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Get Your Hopes Up!!!: When Life Hits from All Sides
How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?: Everyday Resiliency Tools
The Deadliest Sin: A Penetrating Look at the Poison of Pride in a Leader
How to Survive Abusive, Controlling and Addictive Relationships
Mirrors: Real Stories of People Who Transform Pain to Joy and Turmoil to Peace
Lift Up Your Head: Joy in the Face of Shame
Don't Waste Your Pain: Keeping Your Faith in the Midst of Chronic Pain
Peace Easy: A Personal Story of Faith and Dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder
The Book on Bullies: How to Handle Them Without Becoming One of Them
Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

Elsey, Byron
Hardback (Mar 2012)$20.23 $22.99
Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want from Sex--And How to Get It
Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships
Blessings in the Storm

Blessings in the Storm

Sanderson, Kimberly A.
Hardback (Jan 2012)$20.23 $22.99
A Marne Mind: A Soldier's War with Recovery
The Power of the Body, Mind, and Spirit: Seven Keys to Creating the Life You Want Now
Selling the Right Way, Prayerfully God's Way: Unlock the God-Given Sales Talent Within You
Pilgrimage Toward Recovery
Beyond the Shades of Gray: Because Homosexuality Is a Symptom, Not a Solution
Life Support: Lessons on How to Walk Through Life's Emotions.
The Uncompromising Leader

The Uncompromising Leader

Pascoe, Robert R.
Hardback (Oct 2011)$28.15 $31.99