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Anxiety: A Healing Journey
Reviving Christian Humanism: The New Conversation On Spirituality, Theology, And Psychology
A Caregiver? Me?
Walking in the Word: Day-To-Day Reflections on the Christian Journey
The Sin in Robbery: Thirty-Three Ways We Rob God
Handbook for New Converts

Handbook for New Converts

(Bill) Morgan Thd, William J.
Hardback (Nov 2012)$30.99
Beyond Betrayal: Table Talks
The Boy Who Never Cried Wolf: By Grace He Survived Ten Years with a Child Predator. by Providence He Now Hunts Them
Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships: Mental Health Benefits from Therapeutic Alliances Built on the Caring Love of Christians
$100,000 and Counting: A Faith-Based Guide to Winning College Scholarships


Simmons, Tray
Paperback (Jul 2012)$19.36 $22.00
Intervention: Reducing Compassion Fatigue: About to Give Up on Someone Who Needs Help?
More Than Just a Girl!: Optimizing the Privileges of Girlhood
 I Am...

"I Am..."

Clare Jr, G. Randolph
Paperback (Jul 2012)$22.87 $25.99
Redeem the Silence: An Unintended Journey
Abiding in God's Word: How One Women's Spiritual Journey Gave Her the Key to Eternal Life!
The Higher Choices Compass: Exploring Your God-Capacity as the Path to Your Destination
Get Your Hopes Up!!!: When Life Hits from All Sides
The Deadliest Sin: A Penetrating Look at the Poison of Pride in a Leader
How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?: Everyday Resiliency Tools