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Women's Sanctuary Devotional Bible-NLT
Parable recommended!
Women's Devotional Bible-NIV: The Original Collection of Daily Devotions from Godly Women (Special)
Parable recommended!
Zondervan Study Bible-NASB

Zondervan Study Bible-NASB

Barker, Kenneth L. (Editor)
Hardback (Jan 2000)$35.19 $39.99
Parable recommended!
Men's Devotional Bible-NIV
Parable recommended!
Oswald Chambers Devotional Bible-ESV
Parable recommended!
Teen Devotional Bible-NIV

Teen Devotional Bible-NIV

Barnhill, Carla (Editor)
Oestreicher, Mark (Editor)
Hardback (Jul 1998)$24.63 $27.99
Parable recommended!
New King James Version Here's Hope New Testament, Jesus Cares for You
Everyday Matters Bible for Women-NLT: Practical Encouragement to Make Every Day Matter
Complete Word Study New Testament W/ Parallel Greek: KJV Edition
MacArthur Drawing Near Devotional Bible-ESV
Catholic Women's Devotional Bible-NRSV
Women of Faith Devotional Bible-NKJV: A Message of Grace & Hope for Every Day
Devotional Bible-KJV
A.W. Tozer Bible-KJV
Women's Devotional Bible-ESV
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