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The Stories about Naboth the Jezreelite: A Source, Composition, and Redaction Investigation of 1 Kings 21 and Passages in 2 Kings 9
The Development and Symbolism of Passover Until 70 CE
Bringing Out the Treasure: Inner Biblical Allusion in Zechariah 9-14
Construction of Shame in the Hebrew Bible: The Prophetic Contribution
Three Faces of Saul

Three Faces of Saul

Nicholson, Sarah
Hardback (May 2002)$149.60 $170.00
Amos in Song and Book Culture

Amos in Song and Book Culture

Rilett Wood, Joyce Louise
Wood, Joyce Rilett
Hardback (Apr 2002)$155.00
The Open Book and the Sealed Book: Jeremiah 32 in Its Hebrew and Greek Recensions
When We All Go Home

When We All Go Home

Baer, David A.
Hardback (Dec 2001)$170.00
The Psalms of the Return (Book V, Psalms 107-150): Studies in the Psalter, IV (New)
Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus

Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus

Smith, Mark S.
Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth (Contribution by)
Hardback (Jun 1997)$190.00
Faces of David

Faces of David

Noll, K. L.
Hardback (Apr 1997)$155.00
Word and Glory

Word and Glory

Evans, Craig A.
Hardback (Nov 1993)$170.00
Seeing and Hearing God with the Psalms: The Prophetic Liturgy of the Second Temple in Jerusalem