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S.N, Itamar (Author)
ePUB (Jan 2013)$5.99
NIV Once-A-Day 30 Days to Authentic Christian Leadership
NIV QuickView of the Gospel of John
NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
NIV Stewardship Study Bible: Discover God's Design for Life, the Environment, Finances, Generosity, and Eternity
NIV Bible Study Commentary

NIV Bible Study Commentary

Sailhamer, John H. (Author)
ePUB (Jun 2012)$3.99
NIV Once-A-Day 31 Days of Wisdom
NIV True Identity: The Bible for Women: Becoming Who You Are in Christ
NIV Holy Bible, New Testament (Red Letter Edition)
NIV Men's Devotional Bible

NIV Men's Devotional Bible

Various Authors, (Author)
ePUB (Jun 2010)$6.99
Essentials of the Christian Faith, New Testament: NIV: Knowing Jesus and Living the Christian Faith
The Story of Jesus, NIV: Experience the Life of Jesus as One Seamless Story
The Books of the Bible (NIV), New Testament
The Adventure Bible, NIV Book of Devotions: 365 Days of Adventure
The Case for the Resurrection, NIV

The Case for the Resurrection, NIV

Strobel, Lee (Author)
ePUB (Feb 2010)$1.99
The Case for the Resurrection, NIV
Holy Bible (NIV), Red Letter Edition
Adventure Bible Book of Devotions, NIV: 365 Days of Adventure
The Great Outdoors Bible for Kids, NIV
Pastor's Handbook - NIV