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S.N, Itamar (Author)
ePUB (Jan 2013)$5.99
NIV Once-A-Day 30 Days to Authentic Christian Leadership
NIV QuickView of the Gospel of John
NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
NIV Bible Study Commentary

NIV Bible Study Commentary

Sailhamer, John H. (Author)
ePUB (Jun 2012)$9.99
NIV Once-A-Day 31 Days of Wisdom
NIV True Identity: The Bible for Women: Becoming Who You Are in Christ
NIV Holy Bible, New Testament (Red Letter Edition)
NIV Men's Devotional Bible

NIV Men's Devotional Bible

Various Authors, (Author)
ePUB (Jun 2010)$6.99
Essentials of the Christian Faith, New Testament: NIV: Knowing Jesus and Living the Christian Faith
The Books of the Bible (NIV), New Testament
The Story of Jesus, NIV: Experience the Life of Jesus as One Seamless Story
Adventure Bible, NIV

Adventure Bible, NIV

Richards, Lawrence O. (Editor)
ePUB (Aug 2011)$7.99
The Adventure Bible, NIV Book of Devotions: 365 Days of Adventure
The Case for the Resurrection, NIV

The Case for the Resurrection, NIV

Strobel, Lee (Author)
ePUB (Feb 2010)$1.99
The Case for the Resurrection, NIV
Adventure Bible Book of Devotions, NIV: 365 Days of Adventure
The Great Outdoors Bible for Kids, NIV
Pastor's Handbook - NIV