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MacArthur Daily Bible-NKJV: Read Through the Bible in One Year, with Notes from John MacArthur
Parable recommended!
Ignite-NKJV: The Bible for Teens

Ignite-NKJV: The Bible for Teens

Nelson Bibles
Paperback (Jul 2013)$21.99 $24.99
eBook - DRM ePUB (Jul 2013)$18.39 $22.99
Woman Thou Art Loosed-NKJV

Woman Thou Art Loosed-NKJV

Jakes, T. D. (Editor)
Paperback (Apr 2003)$26.39 $29.99
Waterproof New Testament Psalms and Proverbs-NKJV
Fire Bible for Kids-NKJV