Switchfoot, a rock band hailing from San Diego, California, derives its name from a surfing term which means “to take a new stance facing the opposite direction.” Lead singer and guitarist Jon Foreman adds, “It’s about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music.” The band, with its explosive guitars and intense, meaningful lyrics, has never fit into a genre box—and cites musical influences as diverse as U2, Keith Green, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder. Because of their unique style and amazing sound, they continue to be a favorite of many.

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  • Vice Verses

    Vice Verses

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    "Vice Verses is a record of tension and release. It’s an attempt to describe the polarity of the human experience. The sunlight and shadow. The highs and lows, laughter and pain, hope and fear, doubts and belief," says lead singer/guitarist Jon Foreman. "Vice Verses is soul music - attempting to get to the heart of the human experience: Living in the tension and turning it into song." It’s that very uneasiness - an unwillingness to choose the treadmill over the triathlon - that fuels the band’s forays into new musical territory and Jon Foreman’s unflinchingly honest lyrics.

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