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10 Horn Daggers
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10 Horn Daggers

Man Of War Compact Disc

  • UPC: 026297760823
  • Retail Price: $13.99
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Track Name Preview
1. Journey
2. Warman
3. Silent Words
4. Braille
5. Warriors
6. Verbal Junk
7. Samuel
8. Subhuman
9. Locust
10. Bring Forth The Warfare
11. 7-Lock
12. My Saviour
13. Deep
14. Lord Knowledge
15. Wings
16. Butterfly
17. Painful Road
18. Apocalypse
19. Ten Horn Daggers
20. My God
21. Alone
22. Lyrical Longevity
23. Treyqel
24. Ohmega Watts
25. Subliminal Messages
26. Drumz
27. Life And Death
Publication Date    08/14/2001
Width    0.39
Height    5.7
Length    5
UPC    026297760823

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This item is a Non-Returnable Disc On Demand item. This means that this item cannot be returned unless it is defective once ordered.

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